2nd Level Filters – Walkthrough


We are are excited to announce the launch of 2nd level filters. One of the most common feedback we received from customers is that we want to filter our alerts based on Industry, Location, Company Size, etc. This way we can refine our search and get the best possible leads.

Well, we went ahead and implemented that feature. In the process, we made a bunch of UX changes as well. Here is a detailed walk through of OFunnel Alerts with 2nd level filters.

As you login into OFunnel, you will see a listing of all your alerts. You can edit or delete them as required. You will notice that a few of the rows have dashes besides them. This denotes that they have 2nd level filters setup for these alerts.  E.g. I hovered over Nike and it has a 2nd level filter which says that I want to know about a connection at Nike ONLY IF connection is to a Marketing Manager. You can click more to know further details or edit that alert.


You can start adding new alerts by clicking on Add new alert at the top of the list.


This takes you to the New Alerts page. You can select whether the alert is for Company, Role or Person.


Now, for the 1st time, you can be specific saying that alert is for company Nike, but, alert me only if the connection is to a CIO or CTO there. This helps you refine the search and get leads and introductions to best connections required for your business.


Similarly, for a Role alert, you can say that I need a connection to an Architect who is at specific company sizes AND within specific industries AND only at certain locations.


Finally, for Person, in this case I am saying I want to know if Kurt Shaver connects with a Director of Sales. If I am part of a sales training company, this kind of competitive intelligence is extremely helpful as Kurt’s connection to a Director of Sales is a potential lead for you.


Save Changes and your alert is setup. Sit back and relax. We will notify you of any connections happening based on the criteria you have set above.

Already an OFunnel user, refine your alerts and add more. Or start using OFunnel today! Sign Up here: www.ofunnel.com

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OFunnel on Social Radio Live

It has been amazing to see how the OFunnel Alerts concept resonates with everyone. This time it is with real estate industry, not something we initially thought as our natural audience. It was a chance meeting with Dana Shaut at one of the events where I explained him the concept and he loved it.

Through the last couple of weeks, I worked with his team and here is the result. OFunnel is featured as one of the apps to have for real estate agents!



We love the walkthrough (especially the start:-)) and the use case demonstrated here. What do you think?

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OMG OFunnel – Your Opportunity Alarm Clock

As we continue to grow, we have been working with industry experts around social selling to understand how we can help our customers further and better. What are the pain points they see where OFunnel can make the difference? One such conversation has been with Robert Kavanagh from SalesForLife. We are honored to share his thoughts on OFunnel here:

I listened to an unfortunate sales consultant yesterday waxing poetic on the #1 most important thing to know in Sales (if there was one). Know the PROBLEM your product solves, the problem your prospect has. And then know the impact of that problem. So you mean SPIN Selling? Right? Nothing new here, but yes, understanding the problem and uncovering needs was/is important in the buying process.

In Social Selling (foreseeably the state of our industry at present) there are literally dozens of #1 most important things to know. Fortunately, along with the vast and dynamic networks of buyers you can assemble online, there are also many tools that exist to help you manage the quality and volume of data required to be a hands down top performer.

Click here to find out how Sales For Life can help you become a top performer with Social Selling.

Specifically when prospecting and managing a territory, I have come to appreciate having real-time alerts emailed to me on a constant basis. Not unlike building out an executive dashboard, I have come to rely on a few applications to aggregate the perspective I have on my pipeline. I use them daily to constantly listen for new trigger events that point to new opportunities.

At Sales For Life we teach tips on using Tags and Saved Searches within LinkedIn to email yourself dynamic changes going on in lists of targeted prospects. We also teach about Google Alerts which I have relied on for years. More recently I’ve been introduced to an innovative company called OFunnel and am in the process of evaluating now.

So there’s value in real-time alerts, we get it. But what types of information do I search for as an individual contributor? Here are a few of the Alerts I configure for my own practice:

Network Activity – For my colleagues, suppliers, partners, and industry level contacts. Who’s connecting with who? Where, when, and in what groups? Who’s changing roles?

Competitive Activity – Specifically for my competition, what customer connections are being made? Where, when, and in what accounts? More importantly, what reps are leaving their jobs (creates severed customer relationships)?

Customer Activity – Who are they connecting with? Why? Who’s changing roles, raised capital, been acquired?

Prospect Segmentation – In Linkedin searches by role (ie. Show me all VP’s of Sales), show me when anyone in my network connects with someone that fits criteria. For example, I get an email anytime someone onboards into a buying position at one of my top prospect accounts.

Beyond this I am constantly programming alerts for subject matter expertise, blog posts, articles, forum topics, anything I can get my hands on that either could be of value to my customers or the general community I serve.

The Bottom Line:

Regardless of the type of selling you are doing, there are literally millions of important data points that flow by your territory every day. Yes, a large component you need to be constantly aware of. Today, your ability to harness this data and use it to drive incremental revenue it ultimately what will determine your success. For that reason, the best practice is to start configuring automatic alerts so you can keep your finger on the pulse in your territory with as little administrative burden as possible.

Need a tool to help get you started, come on over to OFunnel to give it a test drive. Highly powerful, I’d hate to be competing against me right now.

I am always pleased to discuss Social Selling and the world-class training curriculum we have developed around the topic. If you feel these current best practices could benefit your team, don’t hesitate to book a time in my calendar here.

About Robert Kavanagh

image A Sales and Marketing Expert, Strategic Advisor and Coach – Robert brings almost two decades of practical, hands-on experience to his love for business, sales and helping others. See more at: http://www.salesforlife.com/about-us/leadership-team/#sthash.5V5jiNCJ.dpuf

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OFunnel in NWEN First Look Forum

We continue to make strides! Along with great customer traction, OFunnel is proud to announce that it is part of the Northwest Entrepreneurial Network’s First Look Forum.


Here are some of the great benefits from this program:

  1. Entry to Entrepreneurial University
  2. Some great PR exposure. We will be talking about it soon 🙂
  3. Access to mentors, coaches, advisors
  4. Investment showcase on Nov-19th
  5. Much much more…

Here are some more details. We look forward to all the advise and the showcase on 19th. In the meantime, you can tweet about our success here.

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OFunnel – Microsoft Featured Startup

It is with immense pride we announce that we have been selected as Microsoft Bizspark featured startup. Here is a post about us.

We have been very grateful to Microsoft since this journey began. A few ways we couldn’t have come till here without them:

(1) We were part of Microsoft Accelerator powered by Techstars earlier this year. The coaching and guidance we received and the network we built is unparalleled.

(2) From technology point of view: (a) Our entire backend including database is a Microsoft shop. WCF Web APIs and SQL Server (b) We are hosted on Windows Azure.

(3) Being part of BizSpark community gives us access to immense software and resources. This reduces a lot of cost as you start a company and makes the difference through our initial phase where we were bootstrapped.

(4) Now being featured by BizSpark. This give us the exposure that early stage startups like us are looking for.

(4) There are a few more things in the pipeline with Microsoft which will continue to benefit us. Stay tuned!

All we can say is a BIG THANK YOU. We look forward to this continued partnership!

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How many alerts?

If you are reading, then you know we’ve been looking at some of our user data to get a sense for how people are using OFunnel Alerts.  For today, we decided to look at how many alerts people have.  Here’s what we discovered:

<5:  79%  most people fall into this bucket

5-10:    14%

>10:    7%

But here is the most interesting piece of information.  What is the greatest number of alerts anyone has?


This is very exciting for us.  This is someone that has loaded their entire account list into OFunnel Alerts.  This is a great way to use OFunnel to keep track of connections as they are happening.

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How many alerts are we seeing between companies, roles and people?

In our last post, we talked about the kinds of alerts(filters) people are signing up for. Next, lets talk how many alerts of each kind are being received by our OFunnel users.

Here is what we are seeing:

4.5% of alerts are for person filters.

59% alerts are for company filters.

35.5% alerts for role filters.

If you remember, the number of people and role filters our users had signed up for was exactly similar. So it is interesting to see that number of alerts for role filters are 8x the person filters. We expected the alerts to be more, but certainly 8x took us by surprise. But if you think about it, it makes sense.  A single person on average connects with 1 person every 4 days or so (based on some anecdotal studies we’ve done).  Whereas if you have certain types of connections, the chances of many of those people connecting to specific roles might be much higher.  Likewise with the company to role comparison.  We’re tracking lots of companies….but many of them are a needle in the haystack variety.  When the connections are made they are extremely valuable….but because of company size or the company being far from your network, the frequency of connections happening is low.  

More to follow as we analyze results based on Sales vs Recruiters in a future post. Stay tuned!

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